White + Wong’s ‘east meets west’ cuisine takes classic street foods from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand – the noodles, soups, curries and delicious dumplings – and created an eclectic menu to pick and choose from to suit.

Flavoursome massaman and red curry pastes made from scratch. Oysters, and sashimi with freshly ground wasabi root. We’re not purists, so if it’s tasty, White + Wong’s are steaming it, frying it and serving it up fresh and fast. In some dishes you’ll find untouched classics like the bang bang chicken, and BBQ pork buns, while others, whole Peking Ducks, numbing & fragrant prawns and BBQ meats are our take on Chinese street food, tweaked and re-imagined. White + Wong’s brings big and fresh Asian flavours to the rooftop on Broadway, Newmarket.

  • Rebecca McBride // Venue Manager

    Becca joined the Good Group family as bartender at Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill in January 2015, before quickly progressing within the restaurant, being an essential person in opening White + Wong’s in Queenstown and thus within the group to find herself here in Newmarket.

    After gaining experience in Australia, Becca went on to completing her Diploma in Hospitality Management back in Scotland, where she is from. She spent a couple of years at a Rugby Club managing the bar and functions, before deciding it was time to move back to the other side of the world once again.

    Becca is excited to create a fun and energetic atmosphere for both customers and staff alike.

  • Brian Choi // Head Chief

    Brian was born in Gwangju, South Korea “The Hometown of Korean food”, where every family creates restaurant-quality food in their homes. Brian was lucky enough to have a dad who loved cooking as a hobby. Naturally, Brian was exposed to cooking, often helping him prepping meals as a child. The way raw ingredients transforms to different dishes always fascinated him and this lead to where he is today. Having achieved a bachelor degree in architectural engineering but was not happy to work as an architect, Brian followed his passion and curiosity back to the kitchen. Studied culinary arts at CPIT in Christchurch in 2004 and has worked with reputable restaurants and hotels, including The French café, The George Hotel and Sofitel, among others. Brian will be a great addition to our White + Wong's Newmarket team.