What's On

Friday 29th April 2016

Tiger presents the Streets of Singapore

The finale of the Tiger Streets of Singapore events, White & Wong’s is turning into an art gallery featuring live street art by Josh Lancaster and Erika Pearce.

Also featuring… Nathan Haines and Manuel Darquar on the decks!

We’ve matched our favourite White+Wong’s buns & dumplings with Tiger’s new beer variants…
• Gua Bao , tempura Bluff oysters, lime mayo, pickled cucumber, chili jam with Tiger Green Tea $12
• Gua Bao, char siu pork, sesame mint slaw with Tiger Black Rice $12
• Wagyu beef, shiitake & cumin shumai with Tiger White beer $16

Also…buy a Tiger jug and grab a bag of our Tiger Chilli Crab Peanuts

See you there on Sunday!