White + Wong’s ‘East meets West’ cuisine takes classic street foods from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand – the noodles, soups, curries and delicious dumplings – and created an eclectic menu to pick and choose from to suit.
Flavoursome Massaman and red curry pastes made from scratch. Oysters, and sashimi served with freshly ground wasabi root. We’re not purists, so if it’s tasty, White + Wong’s are steaming it, frying it and serving it up fresh and fast. In some dishes you’ll find untouched classics like the Bang Bang chicken, and BBQ pork buns, while others, whole Peking Ducks, crispy soft shell crab and BBQ meats are our take on Chinese street food, tweaked and re-imagined. White + Wong’s brings big and fresh Asian flavours to the heart of Queenstown, right on the Lake.