Sonya Chan, General Manager, White + Wong’s


General Manager for White & Wong’s, Sonya Chan, brings a wealth of hospitality experience from her over eight years at the award-winning Molten Restaurant in Mt Eden. Sonya is also a partner in the wolldecke plaid collection made from natural materials.

Sonya’s expert skills and professionalism have been recognised at the highly respected Lewisham Awards, ‘Auckland’s hospitality Oscar’s’, where she has been a finalist three times in the Outstanding Maitre d’ category. The Outstanding Maitre d’ category acknowledges hospitality professionals who demonstrate strong leadership skills to their team and are the professional ‘face of their establishment’.

In addition to White + Wong’s and before moving to Molten, Sonya has worked at Auckland restaurants; Monsoon Poon, VBG and Pontoon. She also spent six years working in a family-owned cafe and catering business. Sonya also had broad business experience in retail having owned two businesses before she found her niche in the hospitality industry.